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The Official website of  Rahj


We promise music to soothe the soul, stir the spirit and move the body


        Hendersong Crest Music Company(HCMC) hopes that this site will be your home.  This site exist, not just to promote the music, but to be a place of inspiration and encouragement, to remind you of the musical greats of the past, eighty or so years and to celebrate the good things in life. 

           Rahj is the founder of HCMC and primary artist on this site but other talented and mature artist will be presented here and referred to also (in the near future). We’re also working on a Radio station so stay tunned now, please, take a deep breath, kick back, and explore.



Hello,   i’m  Rod Henderson (a.k.a. RahJ) and this is my official site

All music, artwork and videos on site are performed and produced by me unless otherwise noted and all rights are reserved


Cool and Soothing Music of

the ‘Chocklate Penguin’

Hi !   I’m CP.

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This is Life or Death!

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